Episode 7: Small Business Story | Candice Olivier at Karma Collab Hub

In today’s episode, Sheree sits down with Candice Olivier from Karma Collab Hub (https://www.karmacollabhub.com.au/) as part of our mini-series ‘Share Your Small Business Story’. In this episode, we discuss the collective space of co-working, why Candice is a strong believer in collaboration over competition and some of the challenges she has faced as a business owner.

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About Candice Olivier: Candice is an activating international positive changemaker providing an inspiring voice on how to maximize positive outcomes for business, people, and the environment. Candice is an experienced operational pioneer and leader, having overseen multiple large-scale business start-ups with a passion for social impact. Action-focused efficiency is the driving force behind her momentum; supported by a wealth of knowledge in creating business value & proven mechanisms for executing expansive strategic agendas. Candice’s career to date has seen the change from corporate to purposeful lead business. Today Candice is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of the Gold Coast’s most sustainable coworking & event space, Karma Collab Hub, supporting local entrepreneurs, artists, charities & change-makers in all pursuits. Candice attributes her cross-industry success to conscious connections; sustainable practices translate to care & commitment, serving as a foundation for longevity across all aspects of a business from staff interaction to client/consumer relations to the simplest of daily practices.

Candice is also the founding leader of Gold Coast Passport Rotary and now the Foundation Chair and District Assistance for International Service. The club’s main dedication is to raise community awareness and to see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change through 3 main focuses homelessness, youth and environment. Candice has often been admired for being such a young Rotary leader.

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Host: Sheree Cusack

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