Episode 11: Small Business Story | Nicke Connolly – Connolly & Co Barbers

In today’s episode, Spencer chats with Nicke Connolly, master barber and owner of Connolly & Co Barbers, as part of our mini-series ‘Share Your Small Business Story’. In this episode, we talk about making the decision to start your own business, the importance of investing in your team, alternative approaches to business (and life), and the ‘why’ – family time, freedom, and choice.

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About Connolly & Co Barbers: Connolly & Co is a barbershop like no other, with a shop designed to take you back to the 1920s. The comfortable environment and commitment to service makes you feel welcome and part of the Connolly & Co family.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/connollyandcobarbers/

Website: http://connollycobarbers.gettimely.com/

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Host: Spencer Toogood

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